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College of Agribusiness Management, the first Agribusiness College under SAU system of the nation has further added laurels to university's unique and glorious history.Our various MBA Programmes have regularly produced out managers par excellence for the last 15 years...Read More...

Dr. Birendra Kumar
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Dr. Birendra Kumar

The academic programmes at CABM have been very carefully designed in consultation with distinguished scholars and highly experienced professionals to suit the requirements of agro industries. Read More...

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 Management Development Programmes
  The Centre on Management Development Programmes of the College cater to the need for in-service training of the executives, officers, working in various business organizations, Government organizations, academicians and farmers. Besides conducting need based training programmes, the centre also conducts seminars, workshops and conferences. The themes of these activities are mainly confined to agribusiness.The College has been organizing many events related to agribusiness themes the details of which have been given as under:
  Strategic Management in Agribusiness
  MDP on Strategic Management in Agribusiness was organized from December 20 - 31, 1999 in which 35 trainees participated. Main focus of this MDP was on corporate Strategy, Planning, and Management, Strategy Structure (Technology, Leadership, Values & Business Ethics, and Social Responsibility), Strategy Implementation and Evaluation, TQM, HRM, CRM etc.
  Hi-tech Agriculture for PGF Executives
  MDP on Hi-tech Agriculture for PGF Executives was organized from June 5-14, 2000, in which nine executives participated. Main focus in this MDP was diversified agriculture viz. floriculture, nursery management, vegetable management, seed production, fruit production management, post harvest processing, IPM, INM, livestock management & watershed management, etc.
  Hi-tech Agriculture for PACL Executives
  MDP on Hi-tech Agriculture for PACL Executives was organized from July 3-12, 2000 in which 11 executives from PACL participated. Main focus of MDP was on Diversified Agricultural System Management, IPNM, IPM, and Watershed Management, and the Use of Computer in Agriculture.
  MDPs on Computer Education
  MDP of 22 days duration was conducted to impart Computer Education to the university staff (Teachers, Scientists, Officers and Extension workers).
  MDP on Workers-Management Relations
  One day workshop on Workers Participation in University Management was conducted. About 500 university teachers, students, workers and other staff members participated. Three lead papers were presented by eminent resource persons.
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