Dr. Jayant Gautam

Name: Jayant Gautam  

Designation: Asstt. Professor

Specialization: Agribusiness Administration

Qualification: BBA, PGDM, PhD


Email: j.gautam@gbpuat.ac.in

Address: CABM, GBPUAT, Pantnagar, Uttarakhand, India. PIN: 263145



Dr.Gautam started his academic career at IIM Rohtak and then IIM Ahmedabad as an academic associate in Finance and Accounting Area and thereafter joined CABM, Pantnagar.

He did his PhD from CABM, Pantnagar. He has worked as a Consultant for ‘VAJ Management & IT Consulting Service Pvt. Ltd.’

Project: Process Mapping of Bharati Defence and Infrastructure Limited. (Formally Bharati Shipyard Limited).

Published & Accepted Journal Articles

  • Gautam, J., Kumar, D., and Sharma, M.L. 2015. Measures of Competition, and Concentration in Indian Banking Industry, International Journal of Basic and Applied Agricultural Research, 13(2): 50-56.
  • Singh, S., and Gautam, J. 2014. The Single Index Model & the Construction of Optimal Portfolio: A Case of Banks Listed on NSE India, Risk Governance & Control: Financial Markets & Institutions, 4(2) continued-1: 110-115.
  • Gautam, J., Bhatt, R., and Singh, S. 2015. A study of banks’ stability using financial ratios, International Journal of Basic and Applied Agricultural Research, 13(2): 164-170.
  • Gautam, J., and Kumar, D. 2015. Effect Size of Large Banks Operating in India, International Journal of Agricultural and Statistical Sciences, 11, Supplement 1: 265-268.

 Online Papers:

  • Gautam, J., Joshi, N., Singh, S., and Kumar, D. 2014. Analyzing Performance of Banks & Predicting Bank Failure, Emerging Market Economics: Macroeconomic Issues & Challenges eJournal, 5(56)
  • Joshi, N., and Gautam, J. 2014. Inequalities in Flow of Agriculture Credit: A Macro and Micro Level Analysis. Agricultural & Natural Resource Economics eJournal, 6(121).
  • Chauhan, T., and Gautam, J. 2014. An Analysis of Performance of Mutual Funds: Public Sector V/s Private Sector. Econometric Modeling: Capital Markets – Portfolio Theory eJournal, 3(42).

Submitted Journal Articles:

  • Bhatt, R & Gautam, J. (2017). “Extent of financial inclusion- the narrow view”, submitted in International Journal of Basic and Applied Agricultural Research (IJBAAR)


Area of Interest

  • Financial Intermediaries – Commercial Banks, Mutual Funds
  • Corporate Finance
  • Financial Markets

Professional Affiliations

  • The American Finance Association
  • Western Finance Association
  • The Econometric Society

Teaching Area

  • Business Statistics
  • Research Methods
  • Financial Derivatives
  • International Marketing & Finance