Student Activities


Nothing great is ever achieved without enthusiasm. Enthusiasm is the genius of sincerity and the truth accomplishes victories with it. Formation of committees open up new avenues of thought. The spirit of the CABM students’ body is enthusiastic, creative, self-motivated and concerned.
The Management Society

The motto is freedom to surge ahead towards creativity and professional excellence. This society organizes various events like facilitating interaction with the visiting faculty, visits to exhibitions and business fairs, participation in various inter B-school events, organizing industrial visits, industry – institute interface workshops, cultural nights, informal and formal gatherings, celebrations of special event and festivals.
Chayan – The Placement Committee

They coordinate the on-campus recruitment programme and facilitate the process of students stepping into the business world. It comprises of member of the faculty, heading the committee as officer-in-charge, and selected student representatives. The placement activities comprise of Pre-Placement talks, Summer Placements and Final Placements
Kriti-The Literary Committee

The routine activities comprise publication of wall magazine, literary events, discussions, and seminars on socially and commercially important developments.