MBA Admission Advertisement: 2020-22 Batch


Invites Applications for Admission to its Two year Full Time MBA Programs: 2024-26 Batch


CABM is part of GBPUAT which is widely known as the ‘Harbinger of Green Revolution in India’ and has been conferred ICAR’s outstanding Institution Award. Since 1996, CABM has patronage of leading corporate houses for Placements & Projects.

Eligibility: CABM conducts following two MBA programs

 M.B.A. (Agribusiness): Bachelor’s and/or Master’s degree in Agriculture, Agricultural Chemicals,  Agricultural Engineering, Dairy Science/ Technology, Fisheries, Food Science/ Technology, Forestry, Horticulture, Veterinary Science, BSc (Home-Science) or BTech (Biotechnology).

  1. M.B.A. (for Engineers): Bachelor’s degree in any branch of Engineering/Technology from AICTE approved Institutions/UGC approved Universities.

Admission Procedure: Appear either in Common Admission Test (CAT- 2023) conducted by IIM or Common Management Admission Test (CMAT- 2024) conducted by NTA. Group Discussion & Interview dates will be intimated later.

How to Apply: Obtain in person or Download ‘Application form and Prospectus’ from CABM / Website on payment of Rs 1500. See website for details.

 Important Dates

Sale of Application form                                April 01, 2024

Last date for obtaining and submitting Filled Application Forms (Till 15th day after the declaration of CMAT Result)

Contact Address:

            Dean, CABM
            GBPUAT, Pantnagar, PIN: 263 145
            Phone: 05944-233884 ; Fax: 05944-233533
            Email: ;


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