Interested organizations are requested to correspond with the ‘Placement Office- CABM’ about the following:

· Recruitment needs

· Plans for Campus Recruitment

· Travel plan and boarding requirements for the recruiting team.

Recruiting organizations have the option to either accept CVs designed by students or send their own formats for submission of CVs. Recruiting organizations can also design their own methods of recruitment, within their allotted slots, to ensure correct fitment between students and the organization.

On the date of scheduled placement slot, organizations give a Pre-Placement Talk to candidates before the actual recruitment process. This helps the students in making an informed choice about the organization. Ideally, a PPT must include-Organization profile, Job profile/ Key Responsibility Areas, Designation offered, Criteria for Lateral Placement (for students with work experience), Compensation details and Job locations.

Organizations can conduct any combination of written test/GD/interview for which facilities are available at our college.

It is expected that organizations would declare results immediately after the selection process.

This would help us at CABM, screen out the selected students from appearing in further interviews. It would also help the organization to lock the student lest he/she picks up another job offer made subsequently by another organization.

All communications regarding the placement is done through the Placement Office. The appointment letters issued by the organizations are also sent to the candidate through the Placement Office.



The summer recruitment program is an integral part of the curriculum. It provides an opportunity to the first year MBA students to get hands on business experience. An internship in the summer is an ideal way to explore an industry, build a relationship with a prospective employer and employee hone an intern’s skills.

Students spend a minimum of 6 weeks with the organization, during which they undertake a project, in which they learn and experience management practices under the guidance of experienced professionals from the corporate sector.



PPO is recognition of student’s ability, efforts and good relation they cultivate in the organization during their summer internship. Organizations are encouraged to make PPO offers to the summer trainees based on their performance in the summer project. A PPO to the student is counted as valid offer and its acceptance would be communicated to the organization.